About Me

Your Colorado Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Samantha Maye

Adventurous – Bold – Colorful – Ambitious

Hey there! I’m Sam…

I’ve been taking photos my entire life! It has been absolutely amazing capturing the world as I’ve grown and explored. As my photography skills grew I started having friends and family ask me to take photos for them, and I realized how much I loved documenting other people’s lives too. It was SO much fun so I decided to launch a photography business once I felt confident in my ability to capture important moments for others. Maye.Be Take A Photo quickly grew to what it is today!

Personally, I grew up in Maryland near DC. Growing up I always wanted to be a veterinarian, so when it came time to move to college I chose Utah State for their agriculture program. I completed my associate’s in agricultural science there, and then transferred to Colorado State to finish my bachelor’s in animal science. While completing my degrees I found a love for roadtripping to national parks, hiking, and camping. When I met my fiancĂ© I started traveling even more! I went through with applying to veterinary school, but decided instead to purse a master’s in sustainable livestock systems. While completing my master’s, I realized that photography is a stronger passion, and decided to pursue it full-time. Now here I am! Running around Colorado and the U.S. getting to hang out with amazing couples and capturing their elopements.

In my free time, I love to go hiking with my fiancĂ© and our dog, Bentley. We travel as much as we can, and I hope to go to every state and every national park. Some of my favorite places are Rocky Mountain National Park, Olympic National Park, and southern Utah! 

Me and My Person

I think it is important for me to get to know my couples. We’ll chat through the planning process, bouncing ideas back and forth. I’ll stay in touch through social media, celebrating with you as you share big moments and count down the days til you say “I do”. We’ll run around somewhere beautiful and take engagement photos while chatting about life and marriage and how I can help reduce pre-wedding stress. Seriously, I’m thrilled to get to know you & your person, and to get to be here for you as you navigate this journey!

As I get to know you and your person, you’ll likely get to know me too! And a big part of my life is my relationship with my partner, Camden. He and I met on a dating app and had our first date at a brewery. It was my first time at a brewery, and I think every time I’ve gone to one since has been with Cam. He’s a fan of a good hazy IPA, and I’m a fan of anything that doesn’t taste like an IPA. We fell in love through our adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park, and roadtrips around Southern Utah. Our favorite date was driving up Trail Ridge Road and watching the stars as I tried to take milky way photos with a very broken tripod. We’ve camped, climbed, and roadtripped all over the U.S. and I hope we never stop.

In December 2022 Camden proposed to me in Rocky Mountain National Park! I knew it was coming, but he still managed to surprise me (I was very impressed). Now we are planning our own adventure elopement for 2024! We are SO excited to run off to some insane mountain views, and begin a new chapter.

I Love To Go Places