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Samantha Maye

Adventurous – Bold – Colorful – Ambitious

Hey there! I’m Sam…

I’ve been taking photos my entire life! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed capturing the world as I’ve grown and explored. I started having friends and family ask me to take photos for them, and I realized how much I loved documenting other people’s lives too. I decided to launch a photography business when I felt confident in my abilities to create amazing content and capture important moments for others. Maye.Be Take A Photo quickly grew to what it is today!

Personally, I grew up in Maryland near DC. I always wanted to be a veterinarian, so when it came time to move to college I chose Utah State for their agriculture program. I completed my associate’s in agricultural science there, and then transferred to Colorado State to finish my bachelor’s in animal science. While completing my degrees I found a love for roadtripping to national parks, hiking, and camping. When I met my fiancé I started traveling even more! I went through with applying to veterinary school, but decided instead to purse a master’s in sustainable livestock systems. While completing my master’s, I realized that photography is a stronger passion, and decided to pursue it full-time.

In my free time, I love to go hiking with my fiancé and our dog, Bentley. We travel as much as we can, and I hope to go to every state and every national park. Some of my favorite places are Rocky Mountain National Park, Olympic National Park, and southern Utah! 

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