The best time to elope in Colorado is anytime!

There’s really no “bad” time to elope in Colorado, as every season provides beauty. But depending on what you have pictured for your day and where you are hoping to go, different times of year may be better than others. For example, if you want to go off-roading in the San Juans you’ll want to plan for summer so that the roads are accessible! Below I’ll discuss what it’s like to elope in different seasons here in Colorado, what months are “winter” or “summer” here, and how to be prepared for weather when eloping!

On average, Colorado gets 300 days of sunshine a year- meaning you have over an 80% chance of having a sunny day no matter when you elope. And even if the weather brings clouds, rain, or snow- if you choose me to help you plan your elopement, we will be prepared and you will walk away with gorgeous photos. 

A couple in winter wedding attire. They are eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park. She is holding a colorful bouquet of flowers.




A couple in wedding attire during their colorado off-roading elopement. They couple is kissing while the groom dips the bride back.


There are a few things to consider when deciding when to elope in Colorado:

Where in Colorado do you want to elope?

Do you have a dream location in the San Juans picked out? Do you want to elope at an alpine lake? Do you want an easily accessed spot within a few hours of Denver? Different parts of Colorado have drastically different weather. So your ideal location and when is “best” to elope are intrinsically connected.

Elevation drastically differs between Colorado’s Front Range and the Mountains, meaning that the weather does too. On the Front Range spring starts as early as April! Everything greens up, and flowers start blooming. At the same time in the Mountains it is still actively snowing. This can be frustrating, but it makes Colorado such a wonderful place to elope. Eloping gives you flexibility- if you don’t like the weather in one area you can move locations. I always have back up spots up my sleeves!

This elopement was in early June, and the original location was up at an alpine lake. But, Colorado surprised us with a late snow storm. We switched to this gorgeous Front Range spot, got a little bit of a drizzle, but it was still an amazing day! We found a wildflower meadow, mountain views, and were rewarded with a stunning sunset.

What activities are important to you?

Do you envision you and your partner renting a jeep and driving to the top of a mountain? Do you want to ski down a mountain in your wedding attire? Do you want to rent a sailboat and venture around a large mountain lake? A lot of Colorado’s amazing activity options are seasonal! So we need to pick a date that will allow you to adventure the way you want to.

I absolutely adore this off-roading spot. It’s not far from some of the most popular small ceremony site rentals, which allows couples to adventure without leaving guests behind for too long. But, this spot is really only open from July til’ October. So we’d need to pick a date within that window!

What’s the vibe of your elopement?

Do you want to elope with snowflakes fluttering around you? Do you dream of running around golden Aspen trees? Do you envision exploring wildflower meadows? Each of these require pre-planning to make sure you are eloping at the right time of year to find it! 

This couple wanted a winter wonderland elopement, but with sunshine. So we planned for January! It is the perfect month to have snow covering the ground, but still get pretty blue skies.

So, how do you decide when is best to elope in Colorado?

Consider chatting with a Colorado elopement photographer and planner, like myself. In one phone call we can tackle all of these questions and chat about the many options. By the end of the call you could have a location and a date picked. 

Here’s my biggest recommendation:

Look at average temperatures, and rain/snow days for where you want to elope. This way you can make an educated decision based off of your priorities! No matter when you pick to elope, be prepared for the many weather options Colorado could throw at you. is a great resource: just select a location, daily/monthly normals, and click go! It will show you a graph with average high and low temperature as well as precipitation.

Visit Denver also has a blog with average high, low, and precipitation.

Finally- google does a great job of providing this information with an easy search. For example, here is a search for “average weather in Breckenridge, Colorado”. It creates a table, and four graphs: temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and daylight.

What is it like to elope in each season in Colorado?


Colorado mountains are jaw dropping when coated in white fluffy snow. Choosing a winter Colorado elopement can bring fun activities like snowshoeing, skiing, or snowmobiling! December through March are a safe bet if you want a snowy mountain backdrop, but high up snow can hang around through May. Winter is great if you want more privacy! A lot of the really popular summer spots are empty over the winter. Meaning if you’ll dare the cold you’ll likely be rewarded! A great example is this January Rocky Mountain elopement.

Being prepared for weather is important in the mountains during winter. Renting a car with 4 wheel drive will ensure you can make it to your elopement location(s), and packing layers will ensure you stay warm the whole time. I highly recommend base layers for under your formal wear! I always pack extra spikes with me in case we are walking around on ice, hot hands to keep our fingers warm, and clear umbrellas to keep us dry. Being well prepared for winter weather will allow for a smooth and comfortable elopement!

All of these elopements were between November and May here in Colorado! If you want a snowy day, we can find it.


Spring in Colorado can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be unpredictable. Depending on the year, snow will melt earlier/later, mud can stick around for a while, but we can also get absolutely incredible sunsets and gorgeous wildflowers. I love when the mountains still have white tops and everything starts to green up. In the Front Range, spring can start around late March/early April and goes till June. In the Mountains though, spring doesn’t start till April/May and we can still be getting the occasional snow flurry. Don’t fret too much about the unpredictable weather. I’ll let you in on a secret- it scares a lot of people away which means you’ll get solitude and incredible views.

The Front Range is truly perfect for early spring elopements. There are so many gorgeous options for a snow free elopement, still with amazing views. And this time of year is great for eloping on a budget, because skiing is winding down but summer activities haven’t started up! Again, being prepared for any kind of weather is important. Bring warm layers just in case, and be ready to embrace whatever Colorado throws at us. Absolutely amazing things can happen when you run around in the rain, and cloudy days lead to gorgeous consistent lighting! 

These elopements were between March and June here in Colorado. The Front Range really shows off in Spring!


There is a reason that June is one of the most popular months of the year to get married! Colorado really shows off during the summer, with incredible mountain scapes, warm weather, and lots of things to do. In the Front Range things heat up a lot, but the evenings are nice and warm and the sunsets over the mountains are always stunning. In the Mountains the days are warm, with cool evenings often after a mid-afternoon shower. If you are going for wildflowers, June and July in the mountains are insane (and I’d be happy to run around and tell you all of the flowers we discover)!

Colorado summers are bursting at the seams with activity options. You can drive to the top of mountains, off-road to insane views, hike to alpine lakes, hot air balloon above the clouds, and SO much more. Summer astrophotography is an absolute blast because we can get so high up, and we won’t be freezing. Have you ever considered getting wedding portraits in front of the Milky Way? Seriously- June, July, and August are such amazing months for Colorado elopements. And to be prepared we’ll pack sunscreen, bug spray, and lots of water! 

Each of these gorgeous elopements were summer days here in Colorado from June through August! The mountains defrost, lakes unfreeze, and adventure is open!


Late September and early October people flock to Colorado in search of golden leaves. Aspens show off and make for gorgeous fall elopement backdrops. The Northern part of the state tends to change color first, then slowly the color moves South. Fall still allows for lots of activities, and brings cooler temperatures. Typically the Front Range gets its first snow around Halloween (end of October), and the Mountains will get dustings the weeks prior. It is incredible when we get the overlap of late golden leaves and the first dusting of snow. 

This season is still great for camping, hiking, off-roading, and all kinds of adventures. In the Mountains things start to cool off, bringing pretty chilly evenings (which is perfect s’mores weather). But, on the Front Range it stays a tad warmer still allowing for a warm fall elopement if that is what you are looking for! 

Fall is most popular for the golden hues and changing leaves! Each of these elopements were captured from September through November.

Again, anytime is the perfect time to elope in Colorado.

Year round we have gorgeous views, and with an experienced Colorado elopement photographer and planner (oh hey that’s me!) you’ll know where to go and when. Being prepared is the key to having a perfect day, no matter what season. Packing layers and essentials, knowing what the weather typically looks like, and embracing whatever comes your way will lead to an amazing day to celebrate you and your person. I’m here to guide you. We’ll find the best time to elope in Colorado for you personally, to fit your ideal spot and your vision for your day.

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